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Your Moving Guide to Home Sweet Home

In cooperation with First American Home Buyers Protection

To make sure your move runs smoothly, I thought you’d appreciate these helpful moving tips. Please remember that I always have your needs in mind.

Here’s your checklist for moving into your new home. This list should help you remember important moving dates and deadlines


  • If you’re planning a garage sale, set a date.
  • If you have children,. arrange to transfer school records.
  • Discover schools in your new community. (Visit www.theschoolreport.com.)
  • Notify insurance companies of the move.
  • Start a “Move File” for all receipts, papers and estimates related to your move.


  • Choose a van line/rental truck company you will use and give them tentative pick-up and delivery dates.
  • If you are moving to a new city, be sure and ask your attorney, doctor and other providers for referrals and any necessary records.
  • If you have pets, schedule a check-up and be sure to get a copy of their records from the veterinarian.
  • Set schedules with real estate agents and/or landlords.
  • Arrange to have your mail forwarded to you new home and inform creditors of your new address.


  • Schedule disconnect dates with your local utility company, cable company, and phone company and notify new providers of connect dates in the new home.
  • If you have a lawnmower or any other power equipment, drain them of oil and gasoline. Moving companies will not move them if they are full.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery and trash pickup effective on your move date.
  • Clean the carpet, floors, and drawers before moving into your new home.


  • Clean out refrigerator and defrost freezer.
  • Have your car serviced if you will be driving a long distance.
  • Confirm connect dates for utilities, cable service, and phone service in your new home.
  • Transfer or close your checking account.
  • Be sure to get all items from your safe or deposit box.
  • Pack a survival kit with basic tools, bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, eyeglasses, address book, checkbook, clock, change of clothes, and directions to your new home.


  • Bend from your knees and not from your back when trying to lift something.
  • For large appliances, remove loose fittings and accessories and pack separately. Tie down, tape or wedge all movable parts and doors.
  • WRAP…anything you don’t want scratched or broken…with blankets, curtains, sheets, plastic, bubble wrap, or paper.
  • LABEL…anything you wrap or place into a box.
  • Plants help make home feel cozy, so don’t forget them. Store them in plastic bags with holes punched for air. Check agricultural regulations on moving plants or trees out of your area and into your new area.
  • Moving can be overwhelming for your pet. Remember to help make the move calm and comfortable for your pet, too!


  • Spend the entire day at home with the movers.
  • Carry any valuables or family heirlooms with you.
  • Specify a “DO NOT MOVE” area where you place items you do not want the movers to take with them.
  • Right before the movers leave, take a final tour of your home, making sure nothing has been left in drawers or closets and that all doors and windows are locked.


  • When you first arrive, check boxes for external damage. If damage is found, check the contents.
  • Plug in large appliances before your large furniture blocks the outlets.
  • Locate your survival kit and put it where you can find it and won’t forget.
  • Obtain numbers needed in an emergency, such as the fire department and police.
  • Check with the post office on any mail that is being held for you.
  • Register your cars, if appropriate.
  • Register to vote in your new area.


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