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The Day of the Home Inspection

Your house has been sold, and like most buyers today, they have scheduled a home inspection, which you agreed to in the purchase contract. Are you worried about the results? If your home is in good condition and you have maintained it over the years, there is probably no problem other than some very minor repairs.

Don’t be too concerned about the inspection itself. Although home inspections are relatively new, in most places sellers have lived with pest inspections for decades. After a home inspection or a pest inspection, there may be some repairs or adjustments that must be made before the closing of the sale. Here are a few suggestions about how to handle the day of the inspection:

  1. You do not need to stay. Why not let your real estate agent stand in for you? They are more familiar than any owner with the home inspection process and can act as your representative. Like showing the home to prospective buyers, the emotional input of the seller is not an asset.
  2. Relax. If you do stay, treat the inspector as a professional. The home inspector is not your adversary. The professional inspector isn’t there to pick at every aspect of your home. Their job is to offer the buyer a fair assessment of the condition of the property. Assume that the thorough inspection will take some time. About tow hours is an average. If you own an older home, the inspection might take even longer.
  3. If the inspector asks questions, provide answers for everything that you can document. The age of the roof or the furnace can be proved if you have the dated receipts. Check your records before you answer. If you have documentation, provide a copy of it. A question about any condition that existed when you purchased the home should be answered with that explanation. Don’t guess. Make sure that the inspector has ready access to every part of the house – the attic, the basement, and the crawl space.
  4. Do not argue with any comments about the home that the inspector might make. Inspectors are just doing a job and do not need any input from argumentative or defensive home sellers or agents. There is plenty of time to explain and negotiate with the buyer and the buyer’s agent after you receive and review your copy of the inspector’s report.
  5. Don’t delay any repairs. If you agreed to make any repairs before the sale is closed, make them as soon as possible. The buyer may have the inspector look again at any repairs that were recommended. Any delays of the re-inspection can delay the close of the transaction.


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