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Donna Baker Voted “TOPS IN THE VALLEY”

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Donna Baker Voted “TOPS IN THE VALLEY” (formerly Best of the Best) by Beacon Media News Readers.

Donna Baker with Dickson Podley Realtors named Beacon Media News (Monrovia Weekly, Arcadia Weekly, Sierra Madre Weekly) 2009 Readers’ Choice “Tops on the Valley” in the category of Real Estate Services.

Monrovia Weekly
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Thursday, February 12

A few “good” things to keep in mind when obtaining a mortgage in today’s challenging environment

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My good mother taught me to be optimistic and make the best of your circumstances. I grew up in a rented home, with 8 siblings and 1 bathroom. We took our lunch to school each day. Even if there had been a free lunch program there was no way my dad would have allowed us to participate. Baloney Sandwiches, Moon Pies and Milk in a Thermos, life was good! Oh yea, we even recycled! You folded the lunch bag and brought it home with you in your back pocket to use the next day.

You had “good” pants you wore to school and “play pants” you put on when you got home. Those used to be your “good” pants but now they had patches on the knees with grass stains from a game-winning diving catch made in the end zone of your own “superbowl”. Our after school program was walking home with your friends.

Now, I don’t tell you this because I had it any better or worse than anyone else. Heck, most everyone I knew was in the exact same circumstances as we were and I had a great childhood!

So why am I sharing you with this today? I was thinking about our country’s difficult times. I was thinking about what makes this country so great and so resilient. It is the individuals and families of this great nation. Everyone who gets up each day and does what they need to do, that’s what makes us great! We don’t sit around and complain, (at least not for long), we get out and we do what needs to be done. We don’t run away from our troubles, we face them! Most of us do not control the big picture but we do control our actions in our daily lives and that is all we can do. Sometimes we do great things, mostly we just do good things.

With that in mind, here are a few facts. A few “good” things to keep in mind when obtaining a mortgage in today’s challenging environment:

Fact #1. It is important to keep things in perspective. Lenders are absolutely making home loans! Paperwork intensive but they are making lots of loans!

Fact #2. Be prepared and be patient. As I stated above, lenders are making loans but everyone, and I mean everyone, is documenting (and sometimes questioning) each and every aspect of each loan request and the process is taking longer than we are used to.

Fact #3. Don’t take it personally. Your 800 FICO score, your 30% down payment, your great employment status does make it easier to qualify but it does not make the process perfect.

Fact #4. Make it a team effort. We are all in this together and many are feeling the stress. I love the quote “First seek to understand, then be understood”. I need to do more of that.

Bottom line, Life is Good! The challenges in the world of mortgage lending continue. My personal opinion is that the challenges we face will continue for some time. While we cannot control the big picture we can control what we do, individually, to help get us back on our feet, where we all want and need to be. Call me if I can help and in the mean time, hang tough!

All the Best!

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