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Monrovia Pet-Friendly Homes Might Have an Advantage

“Pet-Friendly” is a term that used to be confined to the Monrovia Homes for Rent ads and a few open-minded hotel chains. Given the 84+ million American households which now include pets as family members, Monrovia homeowners who plan on listing their property anytime soon might include those animal census numbers in their thinking.

There may not yet be an official “Pet-Friendly Home” seal with stringent qualifying requirements, but it might not be such a bad idea. What research there is indicates that most prospective home buyers don’t at first concentrate on their animals’ needs—yet when you add the 36% of dog-owning households to the 30% of cat owners, there’s a high probability that more than a few of potential buyers will be sizing up your property with Fido or Fluffball in mind.

The qualities that make your Monrovia home pet-friendly or not begin with landscaping. The ASPCA considers “petscaping” a high priority, so well-maintained traditional or invisible fencing is a good place to start. If you have succeeded in gardening without pesticides, pointing out its organic character will be another plus.

The ASPCA also offers an online database of toxic and non-toxic plants. If your pet-friendly home includes a thoroughly pet-safe yard, it will be worth noting in marketing materials.

Pet-friendly homes are now including some technological advances, too.  In addition to various automatic self-replenishing water bowl schemes, there are a variety of pet doors that only open for animals wearing a properly coded transmitter collar.   

It’s only fair to mention that the pet-friendly concept can be taken to extremes. Open air cat walks with climbing steps and cat doors into every room might appeal to kitty fanciers, but even they might find the weirdness factor a negative. Along those lines is a proposed Pet-Friendly House Project. Its Gofundme page proposes a “dogs room” complete with 12-inch high bed, open-sided toy closet (the illustrations show a LOT of toys), pet-safe flooring, and a big-screen TV “for watching their favorite characters.” The Pet-Friendly House’s mudroom has a walk-in doggie shower which, come to think of it, is not a bad idea.

When the time nears to list your own Monrovia home, I hope you’ll give me a call to discuss a dynamic, effective marketing plan—pet-friendly or not!  

9 Home Hacks to Ease Daily Monrovia Homeowner Hassles

You don’t have to be holding a showing or Monrovia open house to appreciate time-saving maintenance and organizational tips. Nowadays, many of these are being called “home hacks”—but no matter what you call them, when you find yourself repeatedly dealing with recurring cleaning and household organizational problems, simple shortcuts are what is called for.

Without further ado, here are 9 home hacks for Monrovia householders. I’ve noted them as briefly as possible so you can quickly spot familiar situations in your own household:

  1. Oil-stained garage floor? Some recommend sprinkling with cat litter—but it can get messy. Try Coca-Cola first!
  2. Don’t throw out those plastic clips that keep bread bags closed—label them with the names of the electronic devices plugged into the media center’s power strip. They’ll hang perfectly on the cords—and let you know which is which without unplugging (and triggering a date/time reset).
  3. When you are doing all the bedrooms at once for a showing or open house, you’ll be glad if you’ve kept the separate sheet sets in their matching pillowcases.
  4. Curtain rod hack ONE: Suspend a curtain rod from ceiling hooks near the washer/dryer. All you need is a bunch of coat hangers—and see how handily they organize the clean shirts!
  5. Curtain rod hack TWO: Too much cleaning stuff jammed together under the kitchen sink? Install another curtain rod near the top, and hang all the spray-nozzle-type bottles from it. Now there’s plenty of room for all the rest of the stuff below.
  6. Stubborn water spots on shower doors and mirrors? Use dryer sheets.
  7. If you’ve stashed family board games in storage containers, label them. It’s easy to forget how family board and card games can make family gatherings—but without labels, all those old games are out of sight and out of mind.
  8. Cleaning Monrovia properties that have lots of stainless steel appliances can be frustrating unless you’ve heard about using rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth. Always wipe with the grain.
  9. Tie a baggy with vinegar around a clogged shower head and leave it overnight— sometimes this actually works!)

These are nine of the “home hacks” that can save Monrovia householders time and frustration. Saving my Monrovia real estate clients both is part of my job description!

Business Real Estate Strategy for Monrovia Entrepreneurs

 Most Monrovia small businesspeople will recognize this post-startup scenario. It’s the moment when the whole idea of long-range planning first starts to make sense.

Although everyone who stakes his or her claim in a new business hopes for success, in the beginning, that outcome is far from certain. Throughout the early going, the first order of business has been simple survival—and that’s been a full-time job. You work your tail off 25 hours a day, tackle all the expected (and unexpected) challenges, and if the best happens, see the bottom line begin to brighten. And then, the reality dawns: your brainchild actually has a future—and it might just be a really bright one!

Last week, Forbes published a piece of business real estate advice for anyone in that happy position. It urges paying attention to one strategic area that can prove to be a “stealth benefit”—one significant enough to make the struggle that much more worthwhile.

In brief, Forbes recommends that as soon as you determine that your business has a future, it’s time to focus on establishing its permanent quarters. That means seizing control over your Monrovia business’s real estate future. There are two directions:

  1. Long-term lease. Stability can be vital for a fledgling enterprise, making a five- or ten-year (or even longer) lease essential for providing your business real estate the requisite permanence. Commercial leases are more complex than typical residential ones. That complexity makes it essential to evaluate competing offers using an apples-to-apples approach. A single net lease, for instance, carries relatively few obligations other than the monthly lease payment, whereas a double or triple net lease includes variables like property insurance and taxes—and even maintenance. Identifying the best offer takes a sharp pencil plus an awareness of the need to account for future unknowns—plus (as Forbes points out) the counsel of an experienced CPA.
  2. Direct ownership. Here, you buy the property. It’s a considerable obligation, but your accountant can advise on the best ways to take advantage of some “stealth benefits” of becoming your own landlord. For instance, when your business pays you rent, that cash is passive income (you pay no payroll tax). Your company might also pay all of the property’s expenses, while you deduct depreciation and interest. If and when the property appreciates, it accrues to you. And ultimately, should you sell the business, you might lease your Monrovia property to the new owner—creating a retirement income stream.

Long range business real estate planning may seem like a pie-in-the-sky abstraction when you first start out—but soon enough, its impact on your bottom line can become real enough. I’m here to help you make the most of the Monrovia real estate opportunities that are out there!

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